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About the movie The Martian?

About the movie The Martian?

The Martian was the novel which was written in was the science fiction novel and later it is been converted into the movie.


The Andyweir with the background of computer science started writing the book in 2009, his research material that it is realistic and is based on existing technology. After completing the book weird think to publish it online before delivering into the market and with the request of his fan he made the movie too and which get successful with the time.

Awards and honour:

The book Martian got many awards and said as the best book ever. The novel won Seiun awards for the best translated story in 2015.many of the awards won by the novel and the movie too.

About the movie:

The movie is all about the man who was the first person to walk on the mars and surely he will be the first person to die there. After the storm he felt himself completely alone with no signal and no contact with any person. There were no chance for him to survive in the mars with the damaged machinery, bad environment and the human errors. But the character in the movie was so strong and brave that he never gives up and fights for his life.

As he was the engineer he used his skill to escape from the place and try to safe guard his live and return back to the earth as soon as possible. This movie was the million dollar block buster for the audience and the people who love this kind of movie.

But the novel played a huge role in the making the movie full of creating adventure across the mars and specially connect the people that how is life in mars. The actions and the ways he rescue and save his life all alone and soon become the superhero in the is all about the is the kind of book which provide knowledge to all the people across the world and specially to the children’s. This book is the short story where you can find lot more information knowledge about the mars and the life in the mars planet.

This book is for all the people, even for the children which provide lot more knowledge about the mars planet and the life their than one can survive.