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Dying light: A popular online game

Dying light: A popular online game

When we were kids we used to play video games like: Mario, duck hunt and many more. In which the Mario was the popular one. It gets interesting and adventurous with the increasing levels. As the time passes by there is a revolutionary change in the video games. Today’s generation is more advanced than the earlier one i.e. your time. They know each and every thing about the video games.

Video games are now interesting and full of excitemenT, and more so the technology has come on in leaps and bounds. You can see the excitement in your children when they are playing video games. Video games are the medium of entertainment. As the world is becoming advanced day by day, in the same way the video games are updating in intervals. Today every people of every age enjoy playing video games whether they are id or the old ones they are popular among all. Many categories are available on the video games it depends on you which type of game do you want to play, like: adventure, puzzle, action, racing and so on. You will get the sub category of these games where you will choose which game you want to play.

Few of the popular games are given below under the following category:

• Puzzle: in this category you will find the matching candies, shuffled place, face or house. Number puzzles are also available like: cut the rope, candy crush, bubble trouble and so on.
• Adventure: in adventure you will find the game where you have to face the adventurous levels like: templerun, mother load, dying light etc.
• Racing: this game is based on the racing games like: car racing, bike racing etc.

About dying light

In adventure category there is one popular game which is popular among the peoples is dying light. You can see the dying light review where you will find its popularity among the people. It is the updated version of the older one which is based on the zombies. There is different level on this game. It is full of thrill and adventure. It is based on the zombies. You have to kill the zombies and protect yourself from the zombies. You can play this game online also. There are different level and a map where you can see the different stuff on it. The developer of this game had made it interesting by adding the different venues and places which can be seen in the map. As the level of the game increases the difficulties of the games also increases this makes it more interesting and addictive. You can also notice the day and night affect on the game which will fill you with the excitement.

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