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What is subway? Why it’s so famous?

What is subway? Why it’s so famous?

The subway is the amazing American fast food restaurant, which sells the submarine sandwiches and salad, the subway is one of the fast food center and the fast growing franchise in all over the world not in America but also in India it is been in greater demand by the fast food lovers.

History of the subway:

The subway was the first started in Fresno, California in 1978 and later it is been capture all over the market with its good service and the delicious taste, it is been ranked in the top 500 franchises list and also said as the number two in the fastest growing franchise, the subway is located in more than the 30 city, and its biggest strategy to open 100s of stores every year in different countries with different locations.

Products of subway:

The main product of subway is the submarine sandwich. And in additional it also delivers the salad, cookies, muffins and many other products, but the core product of the subway is submarine sandwiches.

There are many worldwide famous dishes that is been offered by the subway and it is been mention in the subway menu they are:

• Tuna
• Meatball marinara
• Chicken teriyaki 
• Veggie delite
• Subway melt
• Roasted chicken

These are all the dishes which is been provided by the subway, which make it more famous and happening.

Subway franchise:

The subway is totally runs on its franchises, and it is the biggest brand all over the world wide, it has many franchises in many countries which are running its business successfully and also in great demand by all the people. It has been capturing all the Indian market and is been successful all across the place. The good quality of services and yummy dishes in a cheap rate is available in the market.


The most common ingredient in subway is its juicy bread, it all the way famous for its bread and the subway used to make many delicious dish4es with their bread and all the innovations are been done by the bread and is said as the biggest fast food brand all across the world, they also provide exciting offers and their product in much cheaper rate. Which is been loved by fast food lovers.

So, are you looking for the yummy fast food with a cheaper great then it’s time to have subway.