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Mad Max:  A popular mission Game 

Mad Max:  A popular mission Game 

This is the computer game full of thrills and happening moments, women fights with all the tyrannical rulers in the search of her homeland with the help of many female prisoners Hence the reason why Top10sy have written this Mad Max review.

It is a mission, and their main mission is to fight with the worriers and go to the next town. Furiosa is been assign to this mission, which ends up crossing the Joe and stealing his 5 wives to take them to their hometown where they will be safe and in the other side there is man named max with full of action and a man with his own words and together they both fight with their enemies.

Comparison with the movie

The high speed stunts and the work of the director in the movie is been the great work and is termed as the stunning movie in 2009, same way after the big hit of the movie the game is been launched which is more adventures to play, the game has many several stages to move on and it keep on going with fighting all the enemies and saving all the life of the people and bring them to their island.

The movie is been the big hit, because of its lead character is women, who fight with all the enemy so long and at the end get successful in its mission. The game is the total copy of the movie where there is one women fighter who fights to save the life of the people.

Characters of the game

The character the women in this game is very brave and a girl with her own words, who goes a mission to save several life of people without just thinking about herself and her life. This game is the big hit and easily available in the internet, you can download it and feel the power of women and win the game, it is been famous at all over the worldwide.

A new story with a thriller effects and the adventures looks, this is famous in all the country you can easily install this game in your mobile and enjoy the best effects of this games.

This is the famous game ,which is been played nowadays as it shows the brave girl who is along keep on fighting to save the life of the people and if you are the real adventures person then you would love to play the game which are filled with lots of thrillers and adventures.

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