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What is Asda? Why people love it?

What is Asda? Why people love it?

The Asda is the biggest supermarket of UK, it become the subsidiary of the American retail company Wal-Mart in July 1999 and said as the largest supermarket in all over UK.

As it is fully the supermarket the company offers other services to its customers like, financial service and other mobile companies providing good services with its EE network. The Asda had a fresh and simple store, whose dream is to deliver the best, and the fresh product to the people of UK and the entire product in one single store.

History of Asda

In 2003 the Asda launched the new Asda living, it is the store which contain all the food material ,with the clothing, home electronic, toys, home wares and other beauty products, and it also started its own coffee shop as the Asda living cafe.

Brands and services-

The Asda smart price is the trade name different from the other supermarkets, which is producing the product in less price then the other stores. It consist of the food item normally the frozen foods and the small quantity of the ready material. 

The smart price label is only for the food in the supermarket, it also covers all the items like clothing, furnishing etc, it also supply many smart price new invented products. The smart price has been changing it logo and the price in time to time.

The Asda clothing, the mobile are been famous for its price and the good quality; it has also launches his own mobile phones in the partnership with the EE. It is been famous for its own brands and the good quality of services they offers. It also offers it online services to the general public also, where you can also book the item online and within a few hours it is been delivered to your door.

This service is been covered over 80% of the UK people and within the time is been it is been coming up with its new product and new services to the customer and soon become the biggest supermarket of UK.

The Asda just don’t famous for its groceries and clothes it delivery all the product which is necessary for the customers daily use and is been and it is the place which deliver every product at one single store, with no worry to travel all the way long to purchase the product, you can also book your product online. For more good services, it is the single place with maximum products.