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All about the Spotify Reviews with Top10sy

All about the Spotify Reviews with Top10sy

Spotify is the leader of streaming music, with a collection of 30 million songs, various social features, and smart new tools which cater to different ways you listen to music. Spotifyprovides apps for three major platforms; windows, Mac desktop and a Web player. Following article will give a review of this application.

• Free and Premium:

The free version of the app is cost-free. It comes with intermediate advertisements between the songs. It has limited features. It does not provide the feature of offline listening.

Premium app is paid application. It is available in 60 countries of the world. It is attractive, as it gives you facility to listen and select songs on demand. It provides the option of downloading and making personal playlist of songs. You can also get good audio quality up to 320Kbps.

• Streaming capacity:

The sound quality of this application is great, and it provides quick loading of the content. If you have a very good network connection, you can download even the extreme quality songs very fast. 

• Finding the music:

There are more than 30 million songs in this application, and lots of ways to find them. There are many options in the slide menus to explore the variety of music. The search option is very good, as it is the fastest way to find a song, artist or album using small keywords. There is music and radio option, which let you choose top hits in various genres. 

The Library tab in Spotify is for making your personal collection. You can add your favorite songs into library to find them later easily. You can also organize your playlists according to artists, albums and/ or other categories.

• Latest additions:

Spotify began as a simple streaming service and has evolved with time by adding features to become king of the music apps. You can watch videos, keep yourself updated with latest news and also listen to podcasts. 

Running feature of this app is for the exercise lovers, who prefer to keep music with them during running. This feature detects your workout intensity and play tracks accordingly, to flow a new energy into you.

The Show feature enables you to watch and view various videos and podcasts. These tabs not only show musical category, it alsothe latest updates from the world of entertainment and current affairs.

• Conclusion:

Spotify is a very good application, with large variety of music for every mood. Whether you want to play a party song, or a soft romantic track, Spotify will make you happy. At last, its social feature helps you to coordinate with your friends, and check out what they are listening.