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What does EE mean? How people are connected to it?

What does EE mean? How people are connected to it?

The word ee means everything everywhere, it the largest network of UK which offer a good plan and services to the UK citizen. It was the first company which was started in august 2012, and now it is also offering 4G network in UK. They launch TV, mobiles and broadband and become one of the best networks of UK. They now shake hand of partnership with the football association in order to build their own national stadium, the biggest and the largest stadium in a world.

It is been said that at least 99% population in UK is surrounded by this network. It is known as the largest mobile 4G network, it is been formed by the merger of T-mobile and the orange, the both together launches the super fast 4G mobile network all over the UK, it also started giving 99% coverage in it 3G network to UK and 80% 4G network coverage to UK.

ee review is growing with its rapid speed; it’s started providing number of offer to the UK peoples, it gives good offers in mobile, broadband network and the TV, it also started its WI-FI calling, which enable the user to receive the phone call throw WIFI network. It also gives the free broadband service with 10GB to 4GB data to the UK customer, by choosing its pay monthly contract. There are many types of network coverage, let us discuss three of the network coverage.

There are 3 types of network coverage:

1. 2G Coverage- The 2G network is the first network, when there was no 3G network; it is used for texting and browsing. Not at very fast speed but in normal mode of network.
2. 3G Coverage- The 3G network is the new arrival of the network after 2G more upgraded version ,with its fast speed and many others features, it helps in calling, browsing, texting at any time anywhere, with a much faster speed than a 2G network and slowly it become the most popular network across the world.
3. 4G Coverage- The 4G is now recently launched network and much faster than both 2G and 3G network. It is the network with a higher speed and much more features. It is the combination of both 2G and 3G network.


This is the about ee review, which is the fastest growing network in UK with high speed and many types of quality in the network.