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About the Movie Paper Towns

About the Movie Paper Towns

This movie is all about mystery comedy-drama, which is directed by Jack Schreier, this movie is been based on the model Paper Town, which was the best novel and was written by John Green in 2008.the movie was released on the date 24 July, 2015 in UK.

Apart from his other movies, this movie is more comical, mystery movie about a high school senior, who connivances his friend to search for smart, beautiful neighbor. This movie fully focuses on the upcoming issues like first love, friendship and a difference between fake and genuine people and their personalities.

The paper town was the bestselling book and the hit movies, which is totally based on the today’s youth. This movie is basically on the friendship and then love. This movie has shown the both aspects of the youth in their friendship and then love. Its main focus is in the youth and their behavior, personality when they grow up.

This is the UK based movie, capture a lot of audiences and still in demand, as it shows about the teens actually are, it is the movie where all the aspects whether the friendship, trust, loyalty or love is been judge

The paper town movie was just the unique one from what in the book, but the movie is the biggest hit as it indicates about the teen and the teenage life with much mystery and the super funny movie, which makes the audiences laugh, the movie is totally different from the novel, but that was the movie is all about, 

It can not only just focus in the book and make a movie, because book is just a single piece between the writer and the reader, but if the topic is about movie it is totally different from the fact that movie is something you look at and at least for a period of time you live that movie, although you know it is not really but just a story. As making the people with full of excitement as the book did, then the movie should be something unique then that of written in the book.

The short movie with the time of 1hour 53 minutes, but the director represent the movie so beautifully that cutting a single line or the dialog will make the audience disappoint and after its release it is been the most successful movie in UK cinema with lots of comedy and mystery capture in it, for more detail you can also search on the internet.