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Dell Laptop Reviews

Dell Laptop Reviews

Dell has elevated it place in international market from fifth to second. It is the third most popular brand of the world, and has acquired first position in categories like audio quality, value and selection and innovation. The product delivery as per the rates is very good and the company is launching many advanced models in a good price range.

Technical support:

Company’s website and online chat systems have improved themselves and an online twitter account has also been updated by them.


The design of the latest models is very good and we would prefer the latest notebooks of dell over apple’s Mac book. The compact designs with sexy looks make this company’s product outstanding in the market.

Keyboard and touch pad:

Keyboard is very comfortable and well built for a good gaming experience as well as for error- free typing. The navigation on keyboard is very easy and makes the typing feel very nice. Touch pad is very good, with tactile feedback and accurate access. Over all this segment of dell is beautiful and durable as well.


The better screens and quad HD panels have made their display quality very nice. Bright screen resolution is not vey high, but still it is very good. Screen looks good, but can’t be called very great. In some models specially designed for gaming, the resolution and screen effects are just awesome.


The designs and usable features are highly upgraded and their functioning is very smooth. If you want to have a good experience of desktops in notebooks, then you should grab a dell notebook at once. Software has also been upgraded to the latest extent. They are giving tough competition to other latest companies also.


Audio quality is good, with some harshness observed in relatively medium range models. However, this doesn’t mean that the laptop’s audio is not good. Some models have excellent sound quality and audio capacity up to smooth 99 decibels also.

Value and selection:

If you want to choose a laptop as per your requirement, you can explore dell’s website for models. The selection process is very easy, and the variety helps you to filter out your need very conveniently. There are number of price ranges, from low to very high budgets. All the categories, for students to technical freaks are available. You have to plan a budget, and then select a device and you will definitely get what you wish for in yourprice range.

Dell XPS 13, Alienware machine, Inspiron series are some of the best models of dell series.