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How top10sy can help your business.

How top10sy can help your business.
Top10sy is ultimately a website which rates almost everything. Websites, Apps, Blogs, Products, Movies, Books and Music.
Currently we are creating profiles, this helps others determine which are the best types of businesses in each area. The idea for businesses is to provide a good service and by providing that good service an excellent review will be left. Now for the businesses obtaining likes should be like a pawn shop obtaining gold. They are going to be the primary objective.
Phase 3, which should be complete the end of December 2015 will give local businesses the power to own their page. Phase 3 is partially about a Groupon style feature being introduced where you can send your customers a message using a notification about an offer or a sale, a way of enticing your customers through your door.
Now earlier I mentioned about likes being of high importance. For every customer that has liked your page, everyone of these users will get to see the notifications you send. They are already people who will have left a positive review and that has liked your business, it is highly likely that if you have some sort of offer they will visit you again.
For example let's say you have visited a restaurant, you leave an excellent review, you liked this restaurant and you were happy about the service. Then the restaurant you visited knows that on a particular Thursday evening they are going to be quiet. Now at 3pm they send out a notification to all of their customers who have liked their page for a half price offer between 5pm and 7pm. From this you could expect a high acceptance rate for visiting the restaurant. 
This service which will be introduced in 2016 will be a free service where similar services like Groupon would charge an extautionate amount.
So how do you gain likes? Well there are many ways but most businesses already have their fan bases in place. You have only got to look to your Facebook and Twitter pages and let them know how they can benefit. By leaving reviews will help others but more than that your ability to send notifications for sales at less busier times to make sure your businesses success continues.
Thanks for your support and I'm sure Top10sy and your business can work together.