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Want to know about the Jurassic World?

Want to know about the Jurassic World?

Jurassic World A big hit and a big blaster movie, which is directed by Colin Trevorrow. It was his dream to make a park which is surrounded by dinosaurs and created a movie called Jurassic world a world of dinosaur, the dinosaurs are only in our dreams that how they actually look like and the director of the movie make us live for a time being in the dinosaurs world.

You all remember about the Jurassic park, it was the first movie ever in the cinema, and was the big hit. But, the Jurassic world is more violent and the terrifying than that of the original Jurassic park. 

This was the 2 part of the movie Jurassic park, and all the great hit, this movie is totally different from the first one and even a single dialog or the scene is been repeated, this is totally different and with lots of thriller, violent and suspense.

In this movie the Irrfan khan also plays a major role, where his major point is to aware people about dinosaur and teaches them, but their main motive is to entertain the people. The dinosaur is shown in this movie with much bigger body and lager teeth whose main meal is the normal public.

The general public are not at all interested to see the dinosaur, so the Jurassic world has been focus on the thriller and violent ,from which the public get attracted ,the actions which are in demand. Beside from the thriller side, the movie also focuses on the relationship between the two characters, Howard and Pratt’s.

The most happening topic about this movie was that, for first time cast the desi actor Irrfan Khan for their important role. The Jurassic world was not as good as the Jurassic park, but at the end, it was the biggest hit.

The director dream of the dinosaur theme park is finally successful; this movie is running so smoothly and also the biggest hit, the making of this movie was not at all the easy task for the director and the whole team member, but at the end it is hit and still running successfully people love to see the movie and the violent, thrillers and actions which make the movie more exciting to watch.

This movie catches the heart of kids as they are more impulsive, frightened of their mind, it is gives something new experiences with lot of fun. This is all about Jurassic world for more detail you can search on internet.