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What is the MacBook all about?

What is MacBook?

This product is one of the largest and the dreamiest product one should want to have, it is the new version of laptops, with a new force touch track pad, full size keyboard which is been designed to compensate the size of the device, good USB connection with a good and high power battery pack up, the apple is offering the MacBook in three colors that is grey, gold and the silver one, the same color it offer for I phone and iPad.

There are many basic features in the MacBook, with many other new versions and display quality, some of them is discussedbelow.

Features of MacBook:

• Battery pack upthe new MacBook have a good battery pack up of at least 4 to 8 hours a day, you can use the MacBook ha much as you can without having any tension about battery to die.
• Good retina display: it has almost 3.3 million pixelsin the 12 inches screen with the good retina display and adding up 226 pixels per inches of screen. It has the resolution up to 1024x640, 1152x720, 1280x800 etc. the text and graphics it produce is really sharp in the quality and east to read and write, if it is an apple retina display then you will never be disappointed.
• Great USB-C: the only connector in this computer is the USB-C port. It is good device for your Mac Book, but in other way the user will required the adapter to as the port is also used in charging the machine and if your lifestyle is much busy in travelling then this is the best accessories which are not wireless.
• Small device with keyboardit is the small device,which normally look huge is because of it full size keyboard attached to it. It is the combination of short keys and the large keys, and the new designed keys really changes the feel of typing in the new MacBook it has enlarge the key 17% with much more space in the keys.

These are some of the features of the MacBook, which shows the quality of the products here are some pros and cons of the product too.


• Thin and light weight
• Best touchpad
• Good display
• Long lasting battery 
• Good design



• Larger keyboard
• Can’t handle many games
• Poor processor performance

Get a MacBook for you and enjoy its performance. You can even order it from online stores.