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Little Mix- Black Magic Review


Little Mix- Black Magic Review

Little mix began their career with the popular TV show X-Factor’ and they were the first group to win the seriesTheirdebut single ‘Wings’ was number one on UK top charts and their debut album DNA was on number three. Their otheralbum was also very successful and landed up at number four. 

Their latest single ‘Black Magic gained high commercial and critical success in the market. Their first week sold out was 100000 copies, and they ranked number one in UK charts. All the worldwide reviews for this song were very good and they hit the market on a very large scale. The critics also added that their song has occupied great popularity and as for a comeback of the group this is outstanding effort. Many great artists have also appreciated the group with their motivational tweets. 

The song is awesome with pure pop gold genre. Its lyrics and beats are fantastic. The chorus is:

Take a sip of my secret potion,

One taste and you’ll be mine.

It’s a spell that can’t be broken

It’ll keep you up all night

Boy, you belong to me,

I got the recipe

And it’s called black magic


This group also wrote songs for the album ‘Pretty Girls of Britney spears. They have an upcoming project this year for which they have prepared more than 100 songs and they are going to hit the market. The girls group is really energetic and their enthusiasm is really an inspiration for us.

We all have witnessed the clash of opinions between the concept of boys band and girls band. Well, we would say that, a good and genius music is the perfect recipe for a perfect song. No matter whoever is going to make it, music is music. As for this band, the girls are really talented and they are worth the respect and fame they are getting. 

We should not forget the Pussycat dolls. They were a big success at their time and these girls seem to become more successful in their career. The girl’s group concept which started to vanish is emerging again and I think it’s a good idea. We also have groups like Fifth harmony and HAIM which are making their music for people. So, this effort is a good approach to launch a latest trend, and break all the traditional concepts of band of boys.

Since individual artists take all the glory of a show, and they set up their name in this field, efforts to reform the music industryby Little Mix is appreciable and our best wishes are for them.