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Taylor Swift ‘‘1989’’- Album Review

Taylor Swift ‘‘1989’’- Album Review

Taylor Swift is a very popular and demanding name for all the teen girls out there. Not only that she is very good at her music, her public image has also made us famous in a good way. ‘1989’is her fifth album and has released successfully, making great place in billboard charts. It’s not that this album is very great;but yes, it is worth taking for a go. The songwriter and singer Taylor Swift has made this album in pure pop styleThe crew members behind the production of this album are; Max Martin, Jack Antonoff, Ali Ayami and Greg Kurstin. Well, you might get an idea about what great result it would fetch when so many big names have been involved in the project. ‘1989’ is undoubtedlythe best thing Taylor Swift can make. The variations, melodies, chorus arrangement; everything is just perfect for even the most simple tracks of this album. 

This album basically presented the pop culture of late 80s, when pop stars were making name in the market. Different tracks of the album have depicted different themes and have conveyed each detail very honestly. The perfection of the album has been created by all the crew members, and specially Taylor Swift. Individual artists have made many masterpieces but this one is really off the list. This much polishing in the album is definitely the work of Taylor Swift’s dedication and enthusiasm.

The impact of album is created on the basis of both audience’sperspective as well as 80s pop culture. Nothing you will find, which more than required. The tracks are perfectly written by Taylor Swift, and this shows that she very well knows her audience.

Some tracks have generated the message regarding how haters make you grow ahead. The essence is- you have to ignore them and be better day by day. Some have depicted the romantic auraand soft theme of love and depart. Some songs have also shown the bad boyfriend’s negligence for a caring and dedicated girl, who suffers a lot after the girl is gone forever from his life.

‘1989’’s song lyrics, the album theme, music and arrangement, all are really worth some great appreciation. Taylor Swift’s work is great and she has proved that she is the real pop star of this time. She has made it difficult for her competitors to come up with something they can show to beat her name. The pop star image from 80s to present day has been refreshed by Swift, and she has done this work with great dedication and hard work.