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Hozier Hozier Album Review

Hozier Hozier Album Review

Andre Hozier-Byrne is an Irish singer and songwriter, with a great soulful and deep voice, which gives a howling effect. His new album’s song ‘Take Me to the Church’ took the position of number two in Irish singles chart. The song features the relation of Ireland to Catholic Church and a deadly love affair. The video also features Russian government’s brutality on homosexuality, which has become viral over internet and has been viewed by more than 6 million people worldwide, another reason for following the hozier album review. 

Hozier is son of a blue drummer, who was raised with the music of Muddy Waters, chess records, blind Willie Johnson, Motown and john lee hooker. He developed interest in jazz after some time and later got attracted to the Haunting voices of Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. He also fell for hard rock of Pink Floyd and Tom WaitsHe also studied music at Trinity College and had dual personalities for music. He had one side being a hard rock musician, and other, being a peaceful choral group singer.

He has very well utilized his creativity and vocal capacity of variations in his album. He has created a theme, which relates with the religious feel of the world as well as the love and depart due to them. So the sweetness, pain and melody have been created in a brilliant way. The album songs reflect a level of maturity and also show out the obsession of a young heart between love and abuse.

The song ‘From Eden’ is a depiction of him standing at the lover’s door and other one with gothic theme makes him promise that he will walk out of grave for his lover even after getting buried. He has also included a folk song in which he has sang duet with fellow Irish singer, Karen Cowley, in which the lovers kiss the death together in the mid of a forest.

The album songs and music of Hozier is just brilliant and his songs make us fall in love with him. The theme of songs is not only showing the love, but also creating a dark impact. These variations from a single person are really mind blowing. Unlike the other Irish musicians, the technique of Hozier is a bit different. He prefers to mix blues music with the sunny R&B, to generate n excellent output. His voice, music quality and lyrics are really good.

The famous songs of this album are: Take Me to the Church, Work Song, From Eden, Angel of Small Death, Cherry Wine Etc. so if you wish to purchase a new album, read the Hozier album review first as this album is a must for any music collection.