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Grand Theft Auto V Reviews

Grand Theft Auto V Reviews

After a long time, Grand Theft Auto V has been released on PC. Its look is worth the wait. Rockstar’s open-world crime game was released for last-generation consoles in 2013 and for PS4 and Xbox one in 2014. So this is the third version of the game. As for PC, the hardware technology made it possible to improve the graphics quality much real and finished. 


This game is basically based on three characters; a retired bank robber Michael, a streetwise repo man Franklin, and an unhinged meth dealer Trevor. These three unite to break all the laws possible, and make as much money as possible. 

The characters are very interesting and most unique of all are Michael. He is retired bank robber, who is living a life of luxury and has already made lot of money. On the other hand, Franklin’s scene is returning to criminal life due to crisis.

Technical overview:

Graphics are outstanding and more realistic. Work over detailing had been accomplished. As we know that, the world building quality of Rockstar is best among all the game designers. Police searching criminals in alleys and local gangs resting in corner of streets, make this crime game even more interesting.

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV was very disappointing, but Grand Theft Auto V reviews has made our wait worth it. However, you will have to sacrifice some qualities like depth of field effects and ultra high resolution textures, but overall this game doesn’t require so much in the PC to operate properly. You can enjoy this game in an ordinary PC. Some of the best graphic features are, neon signs, rain slicked hood of car etc.


The best feature of this game is Rockstar Editor, an amazingtool, which let you record the in-game footage, and later edit and upload it to YouTube. You can start the recording at any point of the game.  You have good editing options in which you can add text, music etc. in your recorded footage.

There is one more attractive feature, called Director mode, which enables you to edit the basic details like non-player characters, date, time, weather etc. you can generate the feel of scenes like natural documentary, gangster drama, horror movie etc. so, you can just work like a movie director, and make a movie like footage.

This game offers a large number of adjustable features, to operate the game as per your mood. This is one of the most entertaining and thrilling games ever made in the gaming history.