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World of Coca Cola Reviews


World of Coca Cola Reviews

World of coca cola is basically a museum type of place where you will observe the past and present of this drink company. It has theater, 3D room, exhibition hall with antique and vintage collections and lots of things. They also provide the samples of 70 types of sodas they make.

Coke is the only soft drink in the world to have its own museum, created by its founder. Its shrine is in the area of about 92000 square foot. It is located in the city of Atlanta.  There is also Georgia Aquarium and CNN’s headquarters nearby.

When we enter this world, we are welcomed with a film, which displays inside the happiness factory. However it is not that attractive.

Exhibition hall has different pathways for different sections of the museum. Videos of collectors from around the world, and coke’s significance with pop culture are a few things which drags our attention.

The evolution of the soda company and various landmarks during this process are very well demonstrated through paintings, sculptures, audio and visuals. We get the basic knowledge of how and what happened during the rise of this company.

In 3D room, you will find vibrating seats and thrilling movie experience of how secret coke formula works.

Coke lore spot is full of the strategies used by different associates of this company, to make their brand worlds top one and coke’s classic ingle can also be heard here.

In advertising theatre, we will find advertisements from foreign and history, which were made to promote the brand. Coke gives you an experience mixed with diversity and taste.

One very interesting advertisement is like this; a group of friends were sitting around bonfire and enjoying their coke by passing from one to another. Suddenly an alien like creature comes there and takes a sip of coke. Firstly everyone stares at him and then continues with their enjoyment. 

Coke is a very popular brand, which is running in more than 200 countries of the world. It is a very big sector of globalization and their strategies are very comfortable for business. Later, we will come across a gallery with five pillars, which have taps to offer us sodas of this company. You will start feeling thirsty as soon as you get a sight of it.

Coke is a very smooth drink, with excellent taste and good quality. This brand has not only touched our taste buds, but also made a place in our heart. We all love coke, and we will keep loving them.the new coca cola world is an excellent place, which is very interesting and refreshes your mind and body.