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Alton Towers reviews, a deep info about it.

Alton Towers Reviews, A Deep Info About It

Alton towers is a theme park and resort, located in Staffordshire, England. It is operated by Merlin entertainments. This place contains a Theme Park, Water Park, Hotels and Spa and Extraordinary Golf.

• Theme park:

Theme park is filled with lots of roller coasters, wonderful live shows and weird characters. This park has three of world’s best roller coasters; Air, Oblivion and Nemesis. It is also full of family attractions like Sonic Spin Ball, The Peugeot Driving School, Berry Bish Bash etc. It is UK’s most visited theme park.

• Water park and hotels:

If you are taking a short break from your work, and want to enjoy for some time, come here. Themed hotels provide the perfect stay and let you prepare for everyday’s adventures. The guests staying at hotel have unlimited access to water park and theme park for the duration of their stay, as a part of package.

The Alton tower hotel is designed on the theme of explorer Sir Algenon Alton, who was a traveler, and he travelled the world in his airship. The hotel also has a spa.

Splash landings hotel is based on Caribbean theme, with indoor water park and massive buffet restaurant, with a vibrant bar and snack shack, just besides the theme park.

• Extraordinary golf:

You can enjoy playing golf in the golf course, located near Splash Landings Hotel. It has two 9- hole courses. You can play 18- hole course game or just a 9- hole course game. Opening time and price lists can be seen on the official website of the hotel

• Location:

Alton towers is located in the mid of countryside, and is clearly sign posted from:

M1 North: junction 23a or M6 N: junction 15

M1 South: junction 24a or M6 S: junction 16

• Opening time and prices an be viewed on the official website for all the attractive features.


• Attractions at a glance:

Nemesis Roller Coaster, the Smiler Roller Coaster and Air Roller Coaster.

The Flume Ride, Oblivion Roller Coaster, Rita: Queen of Speed Roller Coaster.

Gallopers Carousel, Adventure Land Play Rides Playground, Doodle Doo Derby Carousel, Tractor Ride Track Ride.

Ribena Berry Bish Bash Playground, Marauders Mayhem Flat Ride, Heave Ho! Flat Ride, Battle Galleons Boat Ride.

Sharkbait Reef Walk Through, Ripsaw Forbidden Valley, Blade Forbidden Valley, Enterprise Ferris Wheel, Frog Hopper Drop Ride, Dung Heap Playground.

Congo River Rapids Flume Ride, Driving School Track Ride, Singing Barn Walk Through, Riverbank Eye Spy Boat Ride, Haunted Hollow Walk Through, Vintage Car Ride Railroad, Old MacDonald’s Animal Barn.

And there are so many more attractions to go and see.