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Shazam Reviews and Shazam Features

Shazam Reviews (Music App)

Shazam is an application, which runs on SmartphoneMacsand PCs. It is well known for its feature of music identification. It has now unified with movies, advertising and TV. This company was founded in 1999.


This application utilizes in-built microphone of PC or smartphone to collect the audio sample being played. It creates a digital fingerprint of the audio, and compares it with the central database to find a match. After identification, it sends information like Song title, artist and album name to the user. Shazam had been included in the list of Top Ten Apps in 2013. According to the corporate links, Shazam has been installed by more than 500million user’s mobile devices, and it has 100 million active monthly users. Till October 2014, Shazam’s technology had been used to identify more than 15 billion songs.

Special features:

• There are two types of this app; one is free i.e. Shazam, and other is paid one called Shazam Encore. In 2012, the service was facilitated for TV users to identify featured music, get access to casting, and get links for online information, as well as added social networking features.
• In 2014, Shazam app was redesigned with new look and additional features for convenient use on a broader platform.
• Lyric viewing option.
• Music videos and related video’s access.
• Recommendations as per our choice.
• Improved biographies and additional function of use with TV shows.
• The feature of News feed and Auto Shazam enables background processing, to automatically identify media.
• In 2014, Shazam launched the desktop version for Mac. This function automatically recognizes any track playing in or near the computer, even the songs playing in the background of YouTube or TV shows.
• Apple has also integrated Shazam with its intelligent personal assistant Siri.
• Shazam can identify any music broadcasted from any source, free from unnecessary noise levels. Also the identification match should be present in the Shazam’ database.
• Shazam also provide the feature of social networking, where your friends can tag you or anyone in any song they have identified through this application.

Device compatibility:

Shazam is a Low costing as well as free application. It works on Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, as well as Windows operating system. Shazam is also available for Mac, as desktop application. This application’s appearance is similar in most of the devices, where the result shows Artist, Title, Album, Genre, Lyrics, Album art, links to download the song etc. It also provides the option to play the song on iTunes or video on YouTube.