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Mobile Gaming and Their Popularity

As we have reached to a very advanced level of mobile and computer technology, the internal software and applications have also upgraded. Various applications for entertainment, education, e-commerce etc. have also come into the market. This article is based on the popular mobile games; Temple Run, Angry Birds and Candy Crush SagaLet’s see review of these games.

• Temple run:

Temple run was released in 2011 for iOS platform. It was about an explorer running away from monkeys and crossing various hurdles in the way. The game became very popular and was declared under 50 top downloaded apps by iTunes store. For iOS this game was available for 99 cents initially, and then it went for free. It was later released for android, which faced some problems initially like overheating and hanging of phones. In 2013, game was also released for windows platform.

• Angry birds:

This game is very popular among people of all age groups. It was released in 2009 for apple phone users and it hit the market from very beginning. Due to increasing popularity, Angry birdswas released for android, symbian and windows also. After its growing popularity and more users every day, its upgraded and varied versions were also created later on. This game series is marked as highest downloaded game series of all time. Movies on angry birds game have also started to generate popularity. Due to its popularity among kids, various products related to food, books, theme parks, and toys have also grossed billions in the world market. There was one controversy also related to angry birds. Some tech experts said that this game is leaking information about its users for intelligence agencies. This controversy created havoc in US and UK in 2014.

• Candy crush saga:

Another very popular game is candy crush saga. In this game, a user creates combinations of different types of jellies and candies to break them and complete task given in the level. When one level gets cleared, user is promoted to nest level. This game took its starting by beating popular facebook game Farmville. Now it is available in every mobile platform. Its popularity is on rise, as users have 1100 levels to play. So it’svery interesting to play. Different themes of this game are also available. New version of this game is candy crush soda saga. One controversy related to this game is that, makers of on e more similar game called Candyswipe claimed that Candycrush is copied from their game.