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Samsung Galaxy tab 3 review

Samsung Galaxy tab 3 review, Pros and Cons
Having owned many tablets including the Tab 2 line of 7.0 and 10.1 but After purchasing the Tab 3 (8.0), Simply it is superb, and as I wanted a smaller in size, and more pocketable tablet. Since I am a techie, I have tested this tablet in many areas. It is my goal to report to you the many uses of this tablet so that you can make the best possible choice. it is good for daily basic computer functions on the road and home as it is slimmer than the old Tab 2 7.0.
- Overall Speed, Performance, and OS Info:
The processor has a faster 1.2 GHz, which I find much faster than my Tab 2 7.0 model. The OS is 4.1.2, yet I find super peppy and functions quite well on this device. Very, very smooth to operate and I find the speed is faster than my old Tab 2 7.0.
7 Inch Size - For me, According to me I found this 7 inch size as a quite refreshing size. It is a larger size than that of so called "mega" phones of 5 to 6 inches. Note that the PPI (the higher the PPI, the clearer the screen is) score on this is 170 (same as old Tab 2 7.0). In my opinion, the screen is very bright, clear and sharp. And colors are vivid.
Improvements of the Screen Design: The soft back key and the menu key used to be on the viewing screen. Now they are below the viewing screen on the Tab 3 and BEST of all, there is a physical HOME BUTTON. Press it to go back to the Home Screen from anywhere.
Adobe flash is not supported, so I downloaded the older archived flash which gives me the ability to view many internet videos. If you need instructions, just ask me in the comments and I will answer.
It comes with Internal Storage of Eight GB – But After the OS as well as the factory app settings are installed, 4.75GB (a close to 5GB) of usable internal space is left. Note that all installed apps go to the INTERNAL area, not to the EXTERNAL SD card. And all these system apps you can’t move to your External SD card storage without Rooting. And rooting is not recommended and it also voids the company warranty of your phone.