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Fifty shades of grey review

Differences between ‘Fifty shades of grey’ movie and book

Although the author of the book EL James tried to explain truly through her book but the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ took some liberty. The director of the movie adjusted the characters and presented entire scenes slight differently from the original work.  

Here are some differences seen in movie from the original story of book.

1. Not presented the inner goddess. Ana was shown as a spate character in the book. Her victorious image was described in an interesting way by the author but unfortunately the movie omitted that behavior of Ana.  
2. Changed the agreement. In the book, Ana accepted Christian’s proposal after he met with her father and waxed lyrical about fly fishing. In the movie, they cut this moment and made Ana accepting Christian’s proposal just after she completes her graduation. 
3. Losing the food passion. Jamie Dornan is shown similar to the book, but Christian’s could not be. In the movie Christian’s used to ask Ana again and again about her meal as she had or not. 
4. Missed the boathouse sex. Movie did not included the moment when Christian steal Ana’s panties before visiting to his parents. Also there was no sex scene of the boathouse as described in the book. 
5. Ana’s Career. No one could understand how Ana manages her expenses in the movie. While the book spoke about her interviews and internship at Seattle Independent Publishing. 
6. Ana is funny. Movie tried hard to show Ana getting funny in some moments. Book explained about Ana’s character as goddess and double crap. 
7. Ana’s computer skills. In the book, Ana does not have any idea about internet and laptops whereas in the movie they shown that Ana is perfect in surfing and using laptop. Book Ana used to call the laptop and ‘Mean machine’. 
8. No ceiling mirror. Book says that Christian had a large ceiling mirror. When both Christian and Ana had their first vanilla sex, this mirror was discussed. But in the movie there was not such mirror. 

There were many differences like above due to which the movie Fifty Shades of Grey is not like the book. Viewers wanted to see the real scenes described in the book in the best way.  Still views are satisfied from the movie as it was easy to understand the scene rather than reading the book.