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Choosing the best game - FIFA 15 review

Choosing the Best Game- Fifa 15 review

Fifa game series are football game simulations, created by gaming company EA sports. This company is very similar to Apple in one thing; it always does only tiny changes in the new product, and still makes it the best. This article is about the popular game Fifa 15Let’s find out its various features:

• Graphics:

Graphical changes are not very big, but still some work has been done over facial expressions of the players. Emotional expressions like, happiness after hitting a goal, anger while in a fight and also referees whistling aggressively can be noticed.

• Detailing:

Very minute details have been worked over in this game. Wear and tear of ground, pulling of t-shirts by defenders, stadium’slocal arrangements have been fully covered in Fifa 15, which makes it more real.

• Player’s models:

Not only the hairstyles, but also more muscular body and athletic looks have been given to the digital players. The celebrating substitutes, bending of flags due to ball, Ball boys supplying balls etc are very advanced animations of Fifa 15.

• Minor fault:

During celebration by team, we can observe the arms passing through each other, and players getting dodged by invisible mates during festivities. However this can be seen very less.

• Finishing in the game:

Goal saving by goal keepers now appeamore accurate and genuine. Also, the laws of physics have been implemented overball to score goals in perfect conditions only. If player is not in proper position, the goal will not be accomplished. You have to face defenders before you hit a goal. EA sports have balanced the game tactics by making center defenders more intelligent, and by making the tackles trickier.

• Artificial intelligence:

The menu columns have also advanced. Your settings can be saved for 3 different team sheets. Player intelligence system has also developed, where players can automatically justify astrategy to take over game in situations on field.

• Game modes:

Different playing modes have been made more classic. You can also play with your online friends in One on One match. Thenew game mode, Ultimate Team is also enjoyable. You can play a fun filled game, but not clean. Some new tools have also been added, which have made it possible to monitor team line ups in the game only. Earlier, gamers were made to visit differentwebsites for this purpose.

• At last:

If you are new to this game, Fifa 15 will give you entertainment of your lifetime. With advanced animation and flawless game modes, it is an experience to have.