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iPhone 5 Smart Phone, the pros and cons.

iPhone 5 smart phone: Pros and cons

Apple has released new versions of iPhone: the high end 5 smart phoneApple have finally unveiled their latest version of iPhone 5 smart phone and it time to weigh up the new offering, and see which , if any, deserves your attention.

iPhone 5 smart phone :pros

New processors

Apple calls the iPhone 5 its most forward thinking phone ever.  Now the iPhone 5 has hit the Indian shores. Apple has announced a new phone iPhone 5it is the thinnest as well asthe lightest amomg the other iPhones. It is completelyredesigned with a 4-inch stunning new retina display; Apple has also designed a new A6 chip for this phone to deliver a lightning fast performance, as well as ultra fast wireless technology.

Smartphone can be attributed to the numerous functions that these phones are capable of rather than being simple cellular phones.

• The iPhone 5 is the latest device released by Apple inc .it is the latest iPhone model released and features  all of the latest technological advancements that apple can get their hand on
• This iPhone 5 is launched in three different storage sizes models64GB, 16GB & 32GB. The screen size of this phone is 4.0 inches and it is a little bigger than those ones models of iPhone such as 4s.
• The iPhone 5 is also the slimmest and lightest iPhone yet. The iPhone 5  the is capable of handling the fastest internet connection today  known  as the 4G LTE.  It also sports the A6 processor which is clocked at 1GHZ with 2 cores present.
• The iPhone 5 is the best device among other apple products which they have released. apple also upgraded the camera from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels .It has also come up with a turn by turn navigation scheme while you use GPS.


The apple iPhone 5 – the cons

• It fails miserably with the maps application thus include a turn by turn navigation system, incorrectlocations and others buggy features make it virtually unusable.
• The apple iPhone other problem with iPhone 5 is the new connector which apple dubbed as lightning”.


• The iPhone 5 main disadvantage is due to their aluminum body looks cool but is easy to scratch
• This smart phone 5 display is not proportionally bigger ,but only taller
• iPhone 5 mainly surrounded by the disadvantages like its having  only nano-SIM support only  and no USB mass storage mode and also not having FM radio with no stereo speakers