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Customising your personal profile

Customising your personal profile 
With Top10sy you can customise your me profile by choosing a profile image and a cover image. Selecting a user name, filling in your contact details including address, email and telephone and telling us all about yourself in the about us section so the whole Top10sy community knows a little bit more about you, here is how you do it below.
1. Sign in to
2. Go to the me page
3. Go to the profile tab
4. To the right there will be a number of fields. To change them simply erase what you      need to in any particular fields then replace it with whatever text you like. 
5. If you need to change a profile image or cover image this can be done by clicking choose file. You can then take a photo or share from your library. It is advisable that photos are saved from a desktop or laptop.
6. Once you have completed this if you click the edit button, this will save the fields you have changed and update your me profile.