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Top 10 animals which can be life threatening in the wild

Top 10 animals which can be life threatening in the wild.

We are surrounded by animals and we love to share our space with them. Do you know there are also some animals, which you would not like to meet ever? Here are those top 10 animals, which can be the most life threatening!


10. Lion

The lion is kniwn as the king of the jungle, lives in group with other lions. It is too dangerous that humans are advised to be 500 meter away from them otherwise there may be worst consequences. 


9. Stonefish

This fish gains 9th spot in this list because of its ability of hiding itself in the stones and its life threatening venom. It is quite fast and it can cause a serious damage to your life. 


8. Hyena 

People consider it less dangerous because it is a scavenger, but still it can attack on you and take your life in seconds. On many war occasions Hyena tasted human flesh and today it knows how to kill us without getting scared of us. 


7. Puffer fish:

Categorized as dangerous fishes of the ocean, Puffer fish can puff out their salient spines and cause serious damage to humans. Once a puffer fish inject its venom in human body, person gets paralyzed and later face problems in breathing and then death. 

6. Deathstalker Scorpion

It does not look too dangerous, but this scorpion’s venom can is a big reason of 75% of deaths caused by scorpion every year. It is advised people to keep children away from this threatening creature. 


5. Siafu Ants:

Among all ant species, Saifu ants are considered the most dangerous. Once you are trapped by these ants, you will diet with too much pain as it will ear away your whole body. 


4. The great white sharks:

Responsible for many deaths in a year, the great white shark is considered as the deadliest creature of the water. It is too fast and too dangerous that people are suggested to do not invade in their region. 

3. Black Mamba:

Seems less dangerous than the Cobra snake, Black mamba is the reason of many deaths on our planet. It strikes quite quickly and cause death because of its dangerous venom. 


2. Asian Cobra:

Considered as the most dangerous snake, the Asian cobra has maintained its reputation as the deadliest snake on the planet. It throws its venom that can easily cause death. 


1. Box Jelly fish:

Australia’s box jelly fish is known as the most dangerous animal on the planet because of its venomIts venom can become a reason of your death and it does not take too much time.