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Top 10 Festivals

Top 10 Festivals

Every country has its culture, tradition, and festival. Culture and Festival make the mind of people celebrate it in their own traditional way. Here are few top most festivals that are celebrated in the world.  Enjoy the era with this festival:


Mardi Gras – Festival of USA

It is one of the famous festivals celebrated in USA. The carnival is organized for two weeks in which people are dressed with endless feathers, beads, and costumes. The meaning of Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday. During this function, people can be seen easily on roads giving the various type of performance.


Carnevale – Festival of Italy and Venice

The Most famous festival of Italy and Venice, which iscelebrated 40 days before the starting of Easter. It is traditional festival celebrated every year. People celebrate this festival with full of enjoyment and wear traditional dresses.


Holi- the famous festival of Hindus

Holi is the famous festival of Hindu celebrated in India. It is the festival of colors. This festival is celebrated in the March. The festival is very colorful and fun loving one.


Cascamorras – famous festival of Spain and Baza

This festival usually celebrated in the month of September. It is the festival of Baza and Spain. This fiesta has its own popularity.


Tomorrowland – Festival of Boom and Belgium

This festival is celebrated in the month of June. Tomorrowland is famous electronic dance and music festival that is celebrated in Boom and Belgium.  Every year many visitors visit here and enjoy the fest with dancing.


La Tomatina – festival of Spain and Bunuel

It is the most interesting and amazing festival of Spain. In this festival person through tomatoes on each other. It usually occurred in the month of August.


Coachella – Festival of Indio and Calif

This festival is celebrated in the month of April. The festivals consist of lots of music and art in it. It is usually celebrated in California.


Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Fiesta 

This festival is celebrated during the month of May. It held in every year. In this festival person who participates in it run down the hills. This is the famous festival of England and Gloucester.


Up Helly Aa Fire Fiesta

It is known as the fire festival of Europe, and one of the largest festivals celebrated every year in the month of January. This is specially celebrated in Lerwick and Scotland.


Oktoberfest – Festival of Germany and Munich

This is the festival of Germany and Munich celebrated in the month of January. It is one of the biggest festivals of Beer in which beer is served in large quantity.


Many further festivals are there which are celebrated worldwide. But why not have your say and rate your favourite festivals. They will then be able to compete for  top 10 position via a search engine by location. Join Top10sy now for free And help other which festivals are the best.