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Top 10 Puzzle Apps

Top 10 puzzle app


Puzzle games are the most famous and effective option for the youth in mobile gaming. There are many of the games which are based on cartoon theme with good graphics. Here are the best puzzle applications which develop your mind and improve concentration. 


Angry Birds 

Angry bird is a successful puzzle app. In this puzzle, you have to kill all the pigs by hitting those pigs by using birds. This puzzle is having some levels to play. This app is free of cost.


CSI: Hidden Crimes

In CSI: Hidden Crimes you have to investigate criminal issues. There are some clues provided to you by the app only, and finally you have to find that criminal. CSI is also free of cost.


Candy Crush Saga

This app is similar to angry birds game. You have to match a pair of candies to clear all the levels. You can also invite your friends to play candy crush saga with you.


Cut the Rope 

This app is a very famous puzzle app where you have to cut the ropes to get the candy in the mouth of the monster. The levels are much difficult further. It cost to you at $1.99.



This puzzle is a brain-teaser app where you have to spin two orbits to avoid hurdles. The graphics are elegant, and the music is also good. The game is free but if you want some new challenges, then you have to pay for it.


Hitman Go

Hitman GO is a high-quality game. You have to find a path to reach your goal by avoiding all the enemies coming around you. In every level, there is a new challenger that you have to deal with it.


Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a mind blowing game which focuses on the geometric shape to take your princess to the end. This is a puzzle in which every level is designed differently to shift, move and spin.You have to pay $3.99 to get it.



Strata are a classy puzzle with the fewer graphic. You have to create a pattern by using ribbons of various colors.  It costs free to you.


Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a challenging and difficult puzzle app. You are provided with a hexagon in the center, and you have to spin that arrow to avoid the collision of walls.


World of Goo

World of Goo is a fun app where you have to make your path by using limited pieces of goo to go to the next level. It cost you around $4.99. This app has high graphics. 


So, you now know the best puzzle app which makes your presence of mind better. But have your say and visit