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Top 10 Brad Pitt Movies

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies

Interested in watching Brad Pitt movies? Get updated with top hits of Pitt. So here we go! 


â�¢ Seven

One of the top hit of Brad Pittis seven. It was directed by David Fincher. The movie has thriller and psychological horror in it.  The story lies in the investigation and serial killing in which Pitt becomes a detective to solve the case.  The movie was released on 22 September 1995 and given many hits internationally.


â�¢ Fight Club 

Another hit of Brad Pitt was the fight club. The movie is based on the novel and has the same name Fight Club. David Fincher was the director of this movie.  It is very interesting and thrilling movie. Brad Pitt was nominated for this movie with other members of the movie. Fight Club was launched on 15th Oct 1999.


â�¢ Snatch

This movie was released on 23rd August 2000 and directed by Guy Ritchie. The story lies on the search for a diamond and a gangster thwarted on corruption and match fixing in the boxing world. Overall movie is good to watch, as it consists of drama, action, comedy, adventure and so many twisting suspense given moments.


â�¢ Inglorious Basterds

The movie is all about the American war. The director of the movie is Quentin Tarantino. The story is an about fight against the Nazis. Amazing fight and use of high weapons make the movie more suspicious one. It was launched in the year 2009. 


â�¢ Troy

The movie is based on the ancient battle among the two kingdoms of Sparta and Troy. The film is forecast in such a way where so many struggles, battles, power, honour, glory, and love can see easily. It was released on 9th may 2004 and won many awards. The acting of Brad Pitt is amazing one. The film is directed by Wolfgang Petersen and gave many hits in Hollywood.


â�¢ World War Z

It is an amazing movie to watch due to solid acting and performance of Brad Pitt. The story is all about zombie and viruses which spread rapidly in healthy people. The movie released on 21st June 2013 and directed by Marc Forester.


â�¢ Mr.& Mrs. Smith

The movie is fantastic due to tremendous acting of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In the movie, both are acting as a secret agent for the agency to kill the same target. The movie is full of twist, love and suspense. The movie was released on 7th June 2005 and directed by Doug Liman.


â�¢ Fury

The movie was launched in 2014. It is based on American war and directed by David Ayer. The movie revolved around the story of World War 2.

â�¢ Money Ball

The movie is really awesome and based on real life that how the unfair game can win easily with Superb acting of Brad Pitt. It got released on 24th Feb 2012

â�¢ Seven years in Tibet

One of the best movies based on a boy who meets different strangers. It got released on 8th Oct 1997. 
The thrilling action of Brad Pitt always lasts for movie lovers.