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Top 10 Wrestlers

Top 10 wrestlers

What comes to mind when someone talks about Wrestling! Surely it would be John Cena, The Rock or any other famous wrestler. Here are few top most wrestlers for the sports lover. 


Wade Barrett

Wadd Barrett is one of the professional actor and famous wrestler. He signed the agreement of WWE and performed there. He won many championships and won the title of Intercontinental Championship. He is born on 10th August 1980 and famous for his wrestling.


Jack Swagger

Jack sagger is another famous name in wrestling the world. He participated in many wrestling championship and football leagues. He is born on 24th March. He won the world Heavyweight Championship after defeating Chris Jericho.


Dolph Ziggler

He is American comedian and wrestler. Ziggler is graduated from Kent State University. He signed the contract of wrestling with WWE in the year 2004. He won many championships like Florida Championship Wrestling, world tag team championship and so on. He was born on 27th July 1980.


Kane is the most rising and popular name in wrestling the world. The Glenn Thomas Jacobs is born on 26 April 1967. He is an American actor, insurance agent, and wrestler. He defeated many wrestlers and won the championship.


Eve Torres

She is the famous model, dancer, actress and former wrestler. She is known by the ring name Eve in wrestling the world. Eve was born on 21st August 1984. She has won the WWE Diva Championship and many more championships.


Matt Striker

Mathew Kaye is born on 26h June 1977. He is also named as Matt Striker. Earlier he used to work as a teacher. He joined the WWE in 2005. He completed his graduation in history and masters in Educational Psychology.


Michelle McCool

She is one of the hottie wrestlers known in her time. McCool won many championships like WWE Divas Championship, WWE women’s Championship, etc. she participated in WWE in the year 2004. Today she is working as a middle school teacher.


Xavier Woods

He is also known as Austin Watson. After joining the WWE, he got the ring name, Xavier Woods. He is born on 4th September 1986. He also won many championships and achieved many title tags in wrestling the world.


Dwayne Johnson

His fans also know from the name The Rock. Dwayne Douglas Johnson is a famous personality in the wrestling world. He is also an actor and wrestler. He is born on 2nd may 1972 and won many titles in WWE championship.


Christopher Nowinski

He is a professional wrestler and known by the name Harvard Chris. In WWE history, he is known as the youngest Hardcore Champion.


Many more new faces can be seen in wrestling the world. Have your say at top10sy and tell us who your favourite wrestler is in the WWE or even in the past from the WWF. Top10sy is free to join and will be free to use.