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Top 10 board games to play at home

Top 10 board games to play at home

Do you want to spend some good time with your family members? If yes, then what else can be a better way of doing this excepting board games, for sure nothing. Here are top 10 board games, which you can enjoy with your family anytime. 

10. Scrabble

No one can forget this amazing board game because every person have played it with parents, friends, colleagues and kids. 

9. Clue

A game, which is responsible for making many kids junior detective is clue. It is one of the mysterious games, kids love to play and find the clue. 

8. Legendry encounters:

Legendary series have gained huge popularity among people because of its adventures amusement. Today kids are experiencing those excitements with Legendry encounters, a famous board game of all time.  

7. Black Fleet:

There is no trouble in playing this game because of its wonderful rules and innovative approach. Kids love to spend their time in it and playing this pirate game. 

6. Istanbul:

A wonderful eurogame in which kids can lead trade groups of Istanbul and other foreign market. It pulls out the businessman inside your kids and encourage with many charming choices of trade. 

5. Sheriff of Nottingham:

You will play the role of merchants and try to carry the products in the city. The main amusement in this game comes, when a player becomes sheriff. 

4. The battle of five armies:

Those, who have enjoyed war of the rings game, can understand how enjoyable the battele of five armies can be. This game’s sleek mechanics and theme based experience is simply amazing. Here you will be catered to a strong game of war and you will fight with sculpted miniatures.

3. Chinese Checkers:

Kids always enjoy this game, whether they play on the marble or star shaped board. It has been an interesting game to play for all time. 

2. Chutes and ladders:

Everyone has played this wonderful game and kids love to get on the top, where a long chute is waiting for them. It is quite exciting as, it comes with unpredictable chutes and ladders. 

1. Chess 

Whether you are a kid or a grown up guy, you will always take interest in playing this game. You would have heard about world chess championship. People across the whole world play this game and take advantages through this game. It helps us in increasing the concentration power and getting better enjoyment of the win after thinking so hard.