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Top 10 theme parks to visit with family

Top 10 theme parks to visit with family

People love to visit theme parks to enjoy their whole weekend cheerfully. There are some extraordinary theme parks in the world, which have gained attention of everyone. Let’s check which those theme parks are

10. Knott's Berry Farm:

Offering full family enjoyment, this theme park is owned by Knott’s jam producer. This theme park is serving people for many years and it has thrilling rides, water rides and many other attractions for the families. 

9. Hersheypark:

First it was a recreation region of Hershey Chocolate factory’s employees, but today it is one of the leading theme parks of the world. It swanks many chocolate things for the kids plus offers you roller coaster rides, water park and many other facilities. 

8. Dell’s water park:

It is world’s leading water park and 8th highest rated amusement park with many water rides and many activities. You will surely enjoy your best time here. 

7. Kings Island:

It is the theme park, which not only serves to US citizens but also to many foreign visitors. It is well known that every year above three million visitors come here and enjoy their time with family and friends. 

6. Six Flags Magic Mountain:

Serving you with the most roller coaster rides, Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the most visited theme parks in the world. It is offering you 18 roller coasters and Green Lantern. It is very close to LA and you can also get many Hollywood celebs here. 

5. Universal’s Island of adventures:

It is the theme park, where you will get a complete world of Harry Potter movie. You will get an amazing journey of that movie, which is considered the one of the most adventurous movies of the world. 

4. Schlitterbahn Water Park:

Serving you with 65 acre area, Schitterbahn Water Park is now known as world’s best water park. It has maintained its best spot since last 13 years and it is expected that it will be the best for many upcoming years. 

3. Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom:

There are no words to describe the amusement you can have here, it is simply the dream destination of kids with all amusement park attractions. 

2. Knoebels:

It is a retro style theme park, best for cost effective enjoyment at the weekend. Well, you must know that Knoebels has all theme park attractions, which you want to enjoy on the weekend. 

1. Cedar Point:

It is world’s best theme park because it is offering you 17 rollercoaster rides with many water rides and other amusement resources. It is sure that you can enjoy the coaster rides whole day in this amusement park.