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Top 10 movies of all times

                     Top 10 movies of all times

Movies which is the best passing time for some it’s the way of getting socially present in the today`s world and for some it is inspiration to what can be done through the same. So here is the list of all time’s best movies still trending.

10. Casablanca

A very well known as Paul Heinreid's resistance fighter, a humorous movie with lots of romance and its character bringing a lot of heroism within the script and its all the characters who performed according to their level.

9. Citizen Kane

A movie which explains the whole cycle of man`s life, his weaknesses and hurts, his way of understanding the life because it explains the human`s happiness and pain his struggle to achieve or reach where he wants.

8. Floating Weeds

Known for the journey of a person where he left his wife later on discovers the son which is with him. It describes the hypnotic visual beauty of the whole movie.

7. Gates of Heaven

An Oscar winning movie, a bit more lik documentary which lays stress on the pets who is killed but found to be alive latter on but not discovered, a thriller must watch movie.

6. Notorious

A late 60`s movie which fascinates and amuse, a thriller. Hitchcock was the one who`s role was as a leader who kept on hiding from the main scenario and comes with a bang at the end.

5. The third man

A sweet romantic movie which can make you emotional at some times and can even make you cryas also has some humor into it which represents a well written script of all times.

4. A walk to remember

Best described as a sweet, romantic, loving, caring, as story of a man who just knows how to enjoy life and later on fells for a girl who is suffering from cancer and looses her at the end but becomes a responsible men later on.

3. 28 up

A movie of a man who’s whole life is explained of late 20`s where he discovers the merits and demerits of coming in late 20`s of life cycle all the changes which occurs in a man`s life.

2. Titanic

A movie on tragedy of one of the biggest tragedies in sea history which shows its journey of 4 days and how ship sinked between the love story of a small man. 10 oscar winning movie.

1. 2001 “ a space Odyssey “

One of the best Oscar winning movies by Stanley Kubrick. This movie forces us to think out of our shells, a movie which will make you think of people who are from out of this world.