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Top 10 healthy foods for a healthier life

When it comes to eat health promoting foods, you should choose foods carefully. It is not only about the taste, it is also about keeping the body healthier and sane for a long time. Check the list of following top 10 healthy foods and include these foods in your daily diet to live a healthy life. 

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is considered very healthy for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that oatmeal precisely reduces high cholesterol levels; hence it is full of grain’s soluble fiber content. The health benefits of eating oatmeal were discovered in 1980 and from that time it has become the first choice of doctors and cholesterol patients.  

9. Avocados:

Many individuals don’t eat avocados because of its high fat content; they try to avoid all foods with fat. Unlike other fat containing foods, avocado provides us healthy fat for better health. You can add it in salads and many other dishes. 

8. Wheat germs:

People mostly use wheat grain, but they rarely eat wheat germs. If you are also one of those people, then you should add it in your daily meal. It is full of vitamin E, fiber, folic acid magnesium and phosphorous.  

7. Sweet potatoes:

Offering vital combination of dietary finber, beta carotene with vitamin C and vitamin B6, sweet potatoes is quite valuable for better health. It is the top ranked vitamin A and vitamin C containing health food, which also provides you protein and vital carbohydrates. 

6. Leafy green vegetables:

Many studies have been carried out on leafy green vegetables and all the researchers are agreed that these vegetables are good for health. You can find out many leafy green vegetables in the market and eat daily to have vitamins, niacin, zinc, phosphorus and potassium with other health promoting nutrients

5. Oily fish:

You should eat oily fish at least once in a week to gain omega3 acids. It will keep your nervous system healthy and reduce chances of having heart disease.  

4. Blueberries:

Blueberries are considered very helpful in keeping all body functions healthy. It contains vitamins, proteins and several other essential nutrients and provides you a complete nourishment. 

3. Broccoli:

You must eat broccoli in your regular meal because it is offering you rare combination of calcium, fiber, potassium, folate and phytonutrientsIt is good for preventing heart issues. 

2. Almonds:

Rich in nutrients, almonds keep your mind sharp and offers you a complete package of magnesium, vitamin E, iron, calcium, fiber, and riboflavin.

1. Apple  

It can be easily available anywhere in the world. It is considered the best food for removing free radicals and maintaining charming looking body.