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Zoo reviews - Helping and Protecting Wildlife

A Zoo is a short form of the word Zoological Park. It is a kind of Conservative Institution or Research Facility where animals can be kept for several different reasons. The main concept does however remain the same. It is a safe house for many endangered species so that they can survive and thrive without having the fear of getting hunted. It also acts as a facility for researchers to work on them or study their behavior so that they can understand these animals more closely. They also help as facilities to help wild animals who were injured to get better and return to the wild where they belong or vice versa. Zoo reviews help us find the kind of wildlife or habitat we are looking for.

There are a lot of Zoos across the globe which serve as the last resort to wild animals. These animals are the last of their species and are the only hope to the survival of their species. These zoos help to keep them safe. They feed them and take care of them too. Researchers and scientists who share the love for these animals works day and night so that they can save these animals from harm's way. Zoo reviews help in knowing better about the facility we are interested in.

Some of the different types of Zoos are:

• Safari Park
• Aquaria.
• Road Side Zoos.
• Petting Zoos.
• Animal Theme Parks.

Some of the best notable Zoos in the world are:

• Wellington Zoo, North Island, New Zealand.
• Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada.
• Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast, Australia.
• Yokohama Zoo, Yokohama, Japan.
• Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay, North Wales.
• Berlin Zoo, Germany.
• Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania, USA.
• Bronx Zoo, NYC, USA.
• San Diego Zoo, California, USA.
• Basel Zoo, Switzerland.

The Different Side:

Many critics who are a part of zoo review blogs and websites believe that some zoos are run only for the reason of earning money and they lack even the basic requirements of the wild animalsconservation. The animals have to starve a lot and have o become more of tourist entertainment centers and less of animal sanctuaries. In some parts f the world, it has also been found that the zoo officials take bribes and take part in animal hunting and poaching. There are various NGO's which fight for these helpless animals for their survival. Zoo reviews help in spreading the knowledge against these institutions for animal welfare so that they can have their haven back from the corruption of these zoo officials.