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How do I search for a page on Top10sy?

Searching on top10sy can be done on in 2 areas, the home page and rate us page. 

The home page is the location where you will search for categories and locations. This works on a predictive search function which means as you start typing what you want it will come up with a number of options before which means you don't have to finish typing what you are looking for.
Once you click the search button a list of all the possible profile pages will show up depending upon what locations and categories you have chosen. The results will show up in terms of how users have scored each profile page, the better the score, the higher the profile page will rank, the more recognition that profile page will receive.
Top10sy also allows searching for specific profile pages and friends too, however this isn't done within the main search functionality on the home page. Instead this is done on the home page in the top right hand corner. Again using the same methods as searching by location and category on the home page. Using a predictive method of searching for profile pages and friends.