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Temple run: A famous mobile game App for Android Smartphone 

Temple run: A famous mobile game App for Android Smartphone 

Temple run is one of the famous mobile game app of current days which was firstly launched on 1 December 2014. In the game there is a single player who runs away from the monster through a difficult pathway. This pathway consists of various difficulties like broken trees, fire on the way, etc. As a player you need to take sharp turns of the pathway and if you miss to turn at the right time, you will be caught by the monster.

About the game

You will get series of diamond shaped points that will help you in getting long lifeline and life chances. If you have enough points to remain alive after you get hit on the wall you may continue running further.   There are many players which you can select but you need to complete levels to unlock the remaining players. Further players have better running capabilities and power to run swiftly.  

There are many games which will be similar to temple run but you wont feel enjoying as compared to this game. Temple run has also come up with updated game version recently. These updated versions have new difficulties and better gaming experience with many new players.

You will get many long jumping spots where you need to take critical jumps. Try to take all the points which come in the way in order to get rewarded by some powers or lives. The game works on orientation sensor where you can tilt your phone to shift the player in the game. If you want to earn extra points you can use internet as game offers various points collecting tasks over internet. 

How to get this Game?

This mobile game app can be downloaded from Google play store by single click. You can easily install this game app of 26 MB, which can be played on any Smartphone. You can even play this on your PC or Laptop just you need to search on internet for the same.

End of the Game

You may find difficult to complete all the levels but once you achieve it you will get the treasure in the end. That would be the end of the game. 

This game is played by many people around the world and recommends for its great gaming experience. So, Install is quickly on your Smartphone and Play this simple and worth playing game.