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Want to know about Idraw?

Want to know about Idraw?


The Idraw is the app which provides the best Photoshop and now started for the adobe mainly focuses on the vector drawing. This app focuses on making the shapes easy to create in the mobile phones in which everything looks clear and great in the mobile phones.

This is the apple designed app which is used in the mac apps and the iPhones only, the control panel provide you with the quick access in the object which is been selected. This app is the great tool for the new user and also for those who are familiar with this app.

The users are very impressed about the app as it gives the great look and the special feature to the app and is also the very useful app for all the the idraw app the option of the brush are very good, you can also create your own brushes and can also edit up the size, length, width according to your needs and can use them with your own creations.

The items you add up in the phone it can change according to the needs and the choice of the user the user can with its choice change them as and when needed. This is not at all complexes it is simple and easy to use in the iPhone or the mac books as the mac app.

It is almost very simple you can also create the great designs within few minutes. There are many different built in shape in the app which can be used by the user but instead of those services you can create your shape, size and many other things and can enjoy it.

The idraw never going to replace its power feature, but it now act as the first draft app for getting started on the project, it offers plenty of tools and the features which is useful for the users.


• It is affordable
• It is powerful 
• Easy to use as the vector drawing app
• Good app for the user with number of features


• It can only export to the SVG and basic formats
• It is not applicable in all the devices

These are some pros and cons of the app which is find in each and every app, but this is the best vector drawing app and loved by the users, you just have to install it in your Mac book and then use this app.