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Neon Jamon: A famous restaurant for great dining experience.

Neon Jamon: A famous restaurant for great dining experience. 

Neon Jamon is a well known restaurant in Liverpool opened in Smithdown Place in the year 2012. It attracted food lovers for itsgreat authentic cava, Spanish tapas, and wines. You can enjoy great vegetarian and non-vegetarian taste in the same place. There are separate sections for vegetarian, non-vegetarian food stuffs and wines. Guests can also get private food sections for their separate dinner in the restaurant. 

Food stuff available

Food lovers will be addicted to this place as it offers Mushrooms with spinach which is uncommon in other restaurantsMouth watery ‘Pork pintos with a Romesco sauce’and if we move on to the non-vegetarian dishes, perfectly fried fish with salad decoration make anybodies dinner memorable one.


Neon Jamon restaurant got fame due to its minimum price range with great food quality. It costs Carte £ 12/20 for meal. It is the best place to take your family and enjoy the meal whether it is lunch or dinner. 


They offer private dining rooms for their customers where they serve food with highly pleasant waiters. They provide the meals from simple to intercontinental. Here, you don’t need to wait much for your ordered dishes as they are very fast in serving.   

As per wine facilities are concerned they are located at the separate section where people can enjoy their shots. The Bar consists of all facilities which a person desires. Neon Jamonrestaurant does not work on booking system, if you want to have food, get on anytime. 

Environment of the restaurant 

People mostly love the restaurant which offer healthy and well spaced restaurant, so do Neon Jamon restaurant is. You can enjoy the Ambience with the delicious food items of the restaurant. 

If you live in Liverpool or nearby areas, then you can enjoy the taste of the delicious food items of the restaurant and plan for the night wine party with your friends. Most of the people who tastes the dishes of the Neon Jamon restaurant have became fan of it and goes on regular basis. There you can get all types of food items but their special food items are worth tasting. Get a plan with your loved ones and go for the unforgettable dinner experience. You can even follow the dishes for the day through the official website of Neon Jamon restaurant. They have good fan following on the social networks as well.