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Minions: A popular kid movie


Minions: A popular kid movie

Those who loves imaginary creatures or cartoons would love to watch ‘minions’ movie. It is completely fun based movie where there is a single cell creature that plays the lead role in the story. A minion is actually a prequel of yellow color that is shown fighting with large villains in the movie. The story moves around the finding the international villain and get him back to England to prove their loyalty in front of the Queen.

What is good in the movie?

The most attractive creatures in the movie are the minions which will not let you bore for a single moment. Kids would definitely love to see this movie as it contains interesting jokes, comedy which are added or kids. 

Adventures in the movie

This movie is completely based on fun and kids adventure. Minions successfully enjoyed the audience from their fighting with large creatures like dinosaur, tribesman, etc. the even tried to form a military to fight against the large crowd. Their use of small machinery is very interesting to watch. People could not stop them from laughing. 

Their main motto in the complete movie was to prove them true in front of the queen. So they examined many villains in the movie to select the perfect one to take over to the England. If someone loves to watch funny creatures’ movie, this movie is perfect for them. 

They showed the power of a team against any huge enemy or villain. There way of fighting was unique and attractive for both kids and parents. 

Why to watch this movie?

This movie stands in the top movies for kids as it does not contain any vague scenes. Minions were clear enough to explain their feelings and motto to the audience which lead the movie motivating and lovely. 


There were different types of minions in the movie, some with single eye whereas other with two eyes. Some have good hairstyles and some are bald. People easily understand each minion character in the movie. Director worked hard to ad many minions in order to show in group with individuality. 

Villains were other most important characters in the movie. There were scenes when a huge dinosaur fight with the minionsand finally minions throw him from the tip of volcano. A girl villain who is the perfect among other villain continued fighting till the end of the movie. For enjoying and worth relaxing, minions is the perfect movie.