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No Escape: Famous action movie

No Escape: Famous action movie 


The movie no escape is about an American businessman and his family who settle in their new home in Southeast Asia. The family lived happily their but at the same time they were trapped in the middle violent and the political parties and try to safe themselves and escape from the city.

The movie is full of thrillers and suspense, the point in the movie is to escape from the enemies. Their entire family was trapped in the dangerous country where there is no way for them to escape but still they find many ways to move out of the place safely.

The movie is the straight forward one which gets directly into the theme and doesn’t confuse the entire public with the unnecessary details. This movie shows that how people gets horrible and fight with each other with no such big reasons and the innocent people trapped and die without any mistake, movie describe what actually violence is.

About the character and the movie:

The character and the action of the movie is superb, it is totally full on action movie with high actions, drama and the thriller at some point it is the suspense movie till the end. The political side of the movie gives the lot changes in the movie it is just about survival and the escaping with their family that find themselves in the middle of trouble. The movie is about the character of the innocent family. The main character is the person who is engineer and belongs from the simple family.

But due to the transfer of their job they shifted in other place with full family, one wife and two children, they are not the tourist but they came here for the job in the water company and later find themselves trapped in the very dangerous situation from where they want to escape but they can’t.

This movie is full of action movie ,which make the crowd to see this movie by providing lots more actions and drama and it also shows that who an innocent man safe his full family on his own. This movie shows the love for their family members and just a direct theme to escape from this horrible place and save his family. There is no kind of slow motion scene in the movie after the family jump from the hotel to the office tower. This is the good movie for those who love action and thrillers.