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About Xbox 1 console and its advantages

About Xbox 1 console and its advantages

Xbox 1 console is the most popular video games that are been used by many of the gamers all over the world wide without any confusion the game is been undergoes with the two big console after the release in November 2013.

After the Xbox 1 console launched many new features has been added to it and lots of new functioning of hardware and software is been added which perform the ease in playing the game to the gamers. This game is capturing all over the market.

The design of the Xbox 1 console is loved by everyone, it differ from its size and weight by the other games. The looks and designed of the game play the important role in the game industry.

Advantages of Xbox 1 console:

• Media app- the Xbox one is the special app in the current generation; it is the good media app for the game lovers.
• Media playback- it has a media player app that plays nearly any file throughout the format, like another PC. It also provides with some photo wallpapers and lot more things.
• Maximum storage-the Xbox one has the maximum storage device and with the devices USB 3.0 offers the quicker speed and the high performance.
• Cloud game saved- signing with the Xbox 1 console you can, easily access the other games.
• Xbox 1 controller- the Xbox has the one controller device and is comfortable for all the games, the connector is been connected with the wireless device helpful for the gamers to play anywhere according to their needs.

These are some advantages of the xbox1 console game which is helpful for the gamer. 

Major Xbox 1 console games-

• forza series
• halo
• titan fall
• killer instinct series
• dead rising

There are many other Xbox 1 console games that are been launched in 2016 they are:

• ReCore
• Halo wars 2
• Crackdown3
• Quantum Break

The Xbox 1 console has the one side feature and the contention jumping right into the game, you can also play the game live and can also play games while you are watching TV or doing some work. The Microsoft has been secured the number of high profile deal with the third party game. It has the solid roster franchise include the hola, fable and many more games. This is the best game for the game lovers.