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Expedia: A popular Travel website

Expedia: A popular Travel website


Expedia is a website which provides the customers with facility of booking tickets, hotel reservations, rental vehicles, tour packages and many more. The homepage of Expedia contains the important information related to travelling. The categories are also available in filtered form to facilitate our further variety of search. The content can be filtered as per the arrival and departure time, facilities, types of services etc.


The search format of Expedia is providing with the facility of larger fonts, so as to make you look into details very clearly. This may seem nothing so special, but many websites do not highlight the basic information related to flights. If you will have all the information you need related to your trip, you will have a confident travelling experience. 

If you have any problem related to the content or you have any sudden changes of plans, you can get full support from the website. If you want to make any cancellations or any type of changes in your schedule, you will have to contact the Expedia’s help desk within 24 hours. If you are able to report your cancellations or modifications within the time limit, you will get free cancellation facility. If the report by you exceeds the time limit, you may be subjected to the fees charged by the website, as per their terms of policy. Many change and cancellation policies may also have a different type of procedure, as they are always subjected to individual airlines and hotels. So, their personal process may be irrelevant to what the Expedia has to offer. These types of queries can also be cleared from Expedia’s help desk. But, this may be complicated as the customer service help lines are often very busy.

One best feature of this website is ‘my scratchpad’. The notes or the process you follow is saved by this tool and taken into its database. This tool has its own benefits. The major benefit is; you can always compare the price of travelling when going for your location again and again. You can have a clear vision and record of the upward and downward movement of travel rates. Also, you can have a good analysis of when is the best time to hit a dream tour, as you will be able to know when the rates have fallen for the same. You don’t have to enter your common or frequent searches again and again. You can easily re- check and review the details from this tool. The basic advantage of this feature is saving of time and comparison to explore the best rates with time.

The mobile application of Expedia is also available absolutely free of cost. You can now use the features and facilities of Expedia very easily from your mobile phone. It supports both android and iOS platforms. Now you get the facility to plan and accomplish your travel procedures with the help of your mobile phone only.


So, at last, we have this conclusion that Expedia is doing a great job by helping us out for our hotel and tickets reservations. We have both computer and mobile access to it. It’s a good website for saving money on travel deals also.