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Want to know about Prison Break?

Want to know about Prison Break?

The prison break was an American television serial drama directed by Paul Scheuring, the serial revolved around the story of two brother, one brother is been hang to death for the crime which he did not committed and the another one make plan to escape him from prison and clear his name.

This series was in success has it inspired from many short videos for mobile phones, internet and video game. The official magazine and novel is also launched, the characters, movie theme and the story were amazing and within a few days it becomes the most popular movie.

Awards and nominations-

Many awards has been given for this series to the producer, director and the actors ,after the success of the first 13 episode the first award was given 2005 for the best TV drama and further they win lots and lots of award and become the most popular series of the year.

Many video games was also launched for making this series an interesting one, which is loved by all the people and day by day the series is popular among  the worldwide. The magazines and the novel were also printed for those who cannot watch the series.


The rating of this series is keep on increasing as this series is loved by all the people and the rating is mainly based on the view of the people; it was also uploaded in internet and the other sites. The prison break series an average 9.5 million viewers, the rating keep on increasing day by day as the viewer views the series and keep on liking or following them.

The series of prison break have many seasons, like season 1, 2, 3 and many more in almost four seasons the series is completed with a huge success.

This series is has many season which follow one another with one story line and the starting till the end the story of the series remain same one after the other. The first lesson is about must not fool the engineer and attack his brother and continued with the other seasons, this is unbreakable series whose season are keep on increasing with the climax at the end.

The story is entertaining as it create certain climax at each and every level. Which make people more excited to watch the next season. The prison break was the best drama series ever.